25 Best Status Quotes for December 2019 You Should Never Miss

Best Quotes for December 2019

Happy New Month of December, I pray we our efforts won’t be fruitless this new month of December. 25 Best Status Quotes for December 2019 You Should Never Miss

We have prepared 25 Best Status Quotes for December 2019 which you will never want to miss and you can find them below.

25 Best Status Quotes for December 2019

  1. The greatest test of faith is when you don’t get what you want, but still you are able to say THANK YOU LORD.
  2. Take care of your thoughts when you are alone and take care of your words when you are with people.
  3. 3 steps to move on. CTRL + ALT + DEL. Control yourself, look for an alternate solution, and delete the situation that hurts you.
  4. Happinesss comes with a price tag. If you are smiling, you have already paid for it in past.
  5. Don’t lose hope. When the sun goes down, the stars come out.
  6. Life is so much better when you stop caring about what everyone thinks, and start to actually live for yourself.
  7. We don’t fall in love, we grow in love. Everything that falls gets broken and everything that grows get stronger.
  8. Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.
  9. If you live life with regrets of yesterday, you will have no today to be thankful for.
  10. Forgive the past, forgive yourself, forgive your partner, and love the present moment for what its worth. There are plenty of beautiful things to love right now; you just have to want to see them.
  11. If you never thank GOD after every smile then you have no right to blame him for every tear.
  12. When people hurt you, think of them like a sand paper. They may scratch and hurt you but in the end, you end up polished & they end up useless.
  13. Never blame solely yourself for any misfortune of life, because no single raindrop is responsible for flood.
  14. Be with someone who brings out the best in you, not the stress in you.
  15. Always remember to thank God for what he has given you that you didn’t ask for.
  16. No one notices your tears, No one notices your sadness, No one notices your pains, but they all notice your mistakes.
  17. Be happy with what you have while working for what you want.
  18. Never give up on your dreams. It’s difficult to wait but it is more difficult to regret.
  19. God has a reason for allowing things to happen. We may never understand his wisdom but we simply have to trust his will.
  20. Not everyone is meant to be in our future. Some people are just passing through to teach us lessons in life.
  21. Don’t waste your time looking back on what you have lost. Move on, life is not meant to be traveled backwards.
  22. Life rests on the pillar of love, care & trust. Have a strong pillar to have a beautiful life.
  23. Decision defines destiny..
  24. You never fail until you stop trying.
  25. Whatever brings you down, will eventually make you stronger.

Prayer Points for December 2019

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