Adnetwork that accepts free domains 1

Adnetworks that accepts free domains

Did you know that all your Time, Sweat and actually Data or Wifi connections are not wasted? We’ve discovered severals to make money as a blogger either you are using wordpress or blogger or any other free or paid hosting services.

Due to researches carried out on how to make money through blogging, all hope are not lost especially for bloggers who are just beginners or they don’t know anything about it. I recommend that you make comments for me to assist you on whatever your problems or where you are finding in difficult for you following the steps below

Requirements for Adnetwork to accepts free domains:

  1. First of all you need to get started is either a Desktop, Laptop or an Android Device
  2. What you have to do now is to get an email address that you can not forget probably writing them down will be better. I will strongly recommend a GOOGLE account popular known as gmail account
  3. Now that you have gotten what has been mentioned above what you need now is a good internet connection, because without this you cant be able to go far in blogging.
  4. Now what is needed now is get your website ready for this: what do I mean by saying you should get your website ready? What I mean is that you must have at least 10-15 blogs on your blog or things that you have actually written about without doing copy and paste by copying someone else’s posts from the person’s site and pasting it on your own site because it will surely reverse back. But all hope are not lost as we have gotten several ways and several tricks on how to copy someone else’s posts without your site been noticed by even the author of the posts or the author of the site


Now that all this are all set now let us go deep down into the real and main reason we are here. Shown below are most of the sites that actually accepts any type of website into their AD networks as Publishers and it doesn’t even matter whether you had the .tk, .ml, .in and even subdomains and the likes. Take a look at some of the website listed below


Ad Networkstwork that accepts free domains:

Listed below are the Ad Networks that accepts free domains


Revenuehits Adnetwork is an advertising network that has a very high attractive earnings attached to it in which you can actually be making over 200$ daily from it depending on the traffic you make daily. Now lets take a look of how they work and how they pay and also other methods of payments.

How they work:

Revenue ads unlike other adnetworks revenuehits is a PPA site which simply means “PAY PER ACTION” they don’t pay you for the amount of impression of you make daily on your blog or on your site which simply means they don’t pay you for the amount of traffic you make daily or the amount of people that visit your site they wont even pay you for the amount of clicks that’s been clicked on the ads in the. But what make this adnetworks the best is written down below


  1. You Earn money only when the users who clicked on the ads in your site either sign up on the ads site that’s was served in your site
  2. You can make between 8-10$ per users who from your site clicks the ads servered by revenue ads in your site and the user fufil the desire or what the advertisers want.
  3. You can cash out when your earnings hits minimum threshold of 10$ which can be payed to you through PayPal but other methods of payments from them has their own different minimum thereshold of payments.
  4. You can also make money through referral program by either sharing your publisher link to other bloggers to sign up and start earning money from their network. Revenuehits will pay for bringing more publishers to their site.



 Popads adnetwork is also an advertising adnetwork that has a good attractive ways of favouring bloggers who gets registered with them unlike REVENUEHITS You can only make money through this adnetworks through CPC or PPC which simply means COST PER CLICK or PAY PER CLICK that Is they don’t pay for the amount of traffic you make daily but they only pay you when users CLICKS ON THE ADS provided by the Advertisers.

  1. You can make from 0.1$ – 2$ per click on any ads been clicked by users in your site
  2. You can also make money through affiliate link by sharing your referral link for other website owners who are intrested in also making money through Popads


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There are plenty and many others who are also good and attractive to bloggers who are just new into blogging and want to make money through blogging. And the good thing about this adnetworks is that you can make money from all of them using just one website .

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And please your comments are highly appreciated and wherever you are having any challenge or you are facing problems in signing up and other things feel free to comments.

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