Download SIMO App and Browse The Internet Without a Sim Card or Wifi + 10GB for Free

I know that you have been thinking in your Mind for Long if Someone can actually browse the Internet without a Sim Card or Wifi Network. I am happy to inform you that you can actually browse the internet without access to a Sim Card or even a WiFi connection. So right now in Today’s Post I will be explaining in Full Details, How to Browse The Internet without Sim Card or Wifi Using SIMO App. 

How to Browse the Internet without a sim card or a WiFi connection using the SIMO App

What is SIMO App?

SIMO is a Mobile Application that is built to Work as a Virtual Sim Card that can be used to Browse the Internet Without a Sim Card or even a WiFi Connection.

This Project Of Browsing the Internet Without a Sim or a WiFi using the SIMO App as a Virtual Sim Card is said to be Supported in over 130 Countries including Nigeria.

The Problem right now is that only The Tecno Camon 12, Tecno Camon 12 Pro and Tecno Camon 12 Air Phone Series are said to be Supported to use this SIMO App because these Phones were built with Virtual Sim Card that Supports the use of SIMO App to access the internet without a Sim Card or Wifi Connection. Now let’s consider some of the Features and Benefits of using the SIMO App.

SIMO App 10GB Free

Features of the SIMO App

Some of the Features of using the SIMO App Includes:

  • With the SIMO App you are Browsing the Internet Without the use of a SIM Card. Even if there’s a Sim Card I’m your Mobile Phone you don’t need to turn on your Data Connection.
  • With the SIMO App you will be Browsing the Internet without the use of a WiFi Connection.
  • Using the SIMO App You Get No Network Browsing Problem because you get to use any network that is available with high Connection. For example you might be connected to Airtel NG when you check again you might be connected to MTN NG and so on.
  • SIMO App offers New Customers a 10GB Free Trial.
  • SIMO App offers Pay As You Go offering no Contracts, no Paper Works and no Limitations to your Access to the Internet
  • SIMO App also includes Roaming Free Services.

How to Activate The SIMO App on Your Phone

To Activate the SIMO App on your Phone, all you have to do is follow the Steps given below:

  • Firstly, Download the SIMO App Here
  • Install and Run the SIMO App on any Supported Phone like the Tecno Camon 12 or it’s other Series.
  • Turn on your Mobile Data or Connect to Your Wi-Fi because of the Process of Signing Up on the SIMO App
  • Register on SIMO App using Your Email Adresss or your Social Account but Make sure to Verify your Email Adresss and also your Mobile Phone Number.
  • After Signing Up Disconnect your WiFi Connection or You Turn Off your Mobile Data.
  • Click on the Connect Button on SIMO Homepage in the SIMO App, and get Connected to a Local Network
  • Surf the Internet Without a SIM Card or a WiFi Connection using the SIMO App

You can the Free 10GB Trial Provided by SIMO App to Surf for the Internet and Pay as You with cheap rates without any kind of Daily Limitations or Whatsoever. Let’s consider some of the Benefits of the SIMO App below

Benefits of the SIMO App

The Benefits of the SIMO App Includes:

  • Accessing the Internet without SIM Card
  • No Wifi Connection needed
  • Free 10GB for First Time
  • Very cheap DATA Plan
  • Very Cheap BROWSING Rates
  • Pay As You Go
  • Roaming Free
  • Flexible Payment Method which Includes: Credit Cards, PayPal, T-Cash, Go-Pay etc.
  • 24/7 Contact Customer Service Available

You can find above, some of the Benefits of the SIMO App. Check some Questions and Answer concerning SIMO App Below:

Is SIMO App Real?

Yes, SIMO App is 100% Real

Is SIMO App Legit?

Yes, SIMO App is 100% Legit

Is SIMO App available to Nigerians?

Yes, SIMO App is available to Nigerians and over 130 Countries in the World.

Is SIMO App Working in Nigeria?

Yes, SIMO App is working in Nigeria if you are using any of the Tecno Camon 12 Series

Is SIMO App Browsing Speed Fast?

Yes the SIMO App Browsing Speed is Super Fast because it is a Virtual Sim Card

When will Other Phones start Using the SIMO App?

Only Phones that are built with in built Virtual Sim Card are Eligible to use the SIMO App.


If You can find the Answer to your Question Above, Please drop your Question in the Comments Section Box Below.

Please just incase you discover any other phone Product apart from the Tecno Camon 12 Series that uses Virtual Sim Card Features please drop it the Comment Section Box Below. Thanks for Reading have a Blessed Day.


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