Enjeo Website Scheme Full Reviews: Scam or Legit?

There’s this New Site People just discovered which it has been in existence though according to some folks, Which they call Enjeo. Actually this site Enjeo they claims pays someone who just registers a $21 but it comes with high terms and conditions. Well in today’s post I will give full reviews on this Site called Enjeo, if Enjeo is Scam or Legit.

What is Enjeo.com?

Enjeo.com is an Affiliate Program which allows you as an Affiliate to Refer Friends, Families, Co-workers etc. to buy a Product and you earn cash for free as you refer them.

But according to me, Enjeo.com is a new Ponzi Scheme hiding under the Veil of an Affiliate Program as many other Ponzi Schemes do. Well you will understand what I meant by saying that as you gently Read on

How does Enjeo Affiliate Works?

Enjeo claims to Pay anyone who registers on their Website for the First time a $21 and they also claim to pay a $10 per Successful refferal.

Enjeo is a big time Liar because they said you only need to sign up with your details (Bank Account Information Required) and you get access to your affiliate dashboard to share links which is all Lie!!!!

For you to be able to access your Enjeo.com Dashboard after signing up, you need to Pay a Fee of $1 to a site which they Called Road Mini Plan, hiding under different domain name which are: ScCrsh.com, Scrshin.com, My3bBc.com, 3GldScr.com, CRScr.com, Svcgs.com and even more according to Flushreview.

And the Only Way for you to pay this $1 Subscription Fee, is by using your Credit Card to Pay for the subscription as they don’t have other payments like bitcoins, PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer and the Likes. Everything will be explained in details and you will understand more as you read on.

Enjeo Website Scheme Full Reviews: Scam or Legit?
Is Enjeo Scheme Legit?

Do Enjeo Pays?

Enjeo actually paid some folks who joined their site early, as every Skillful Ponzi Scheme Website will do of course, so as to gain the trust of many People.

Below are the payments proof of the payments some folks actually Received from Enjeo.com. You can click on each pictures to zoom them well as they are in a Gallery.

How Long do Enjeo Pays?

Well Enjeo takes a Maximum of 48 hours, which is 2 days to make their payments via ACH Payment Method. After the 24 Hours your payment method Changes to “Sent”  Status, then after 24 hours of your payment status changing to Sent, you get paid the actual Amount into your Preferred Bank Account either via Payoneer or any other Virtual USA Bank Account, or your Normal USA Bank Account.

What’s is the Minimum Withdrawal on Enjeo

Well Enjeo.com doesn’t have a Minimum Withdrawal Threshold as they claimed, because your payment are automatically submitted to the owner. And then the Owner of the Site, Approves your payments via ACH.

How to Contact Enjeo.com 

Contact Enjeo Support Care Support by Logging in to you and Submit an Online Inquiry, and get a reply within 24-48 as they Said.

Or you can Alternatively call the Number Below By Phone: Monday-Friday: 9 AM – 6 PM EST with on their Number (833) 678-8770.


Enjeo.com Review

Enjeo.com is a Big time Skillful Ponzi Reloaded Scheme With AI Technology to Rip Users Directly or Indirectly of their Hard earned Money. The Enjeo uses the The More you Look the Less You See Law of Ponzi to Scam people.

Well for you to actually Activate your Enjeo Affiliate Account for you to access your Enjeo Affiliate Program Dashboard, you need to pay a Sum of $1 for a Subscription using your Debit Card, Credit Card or Prepaid Card for a Road Mini Plan Wich they will Charge your $1 Weekly and this is where this Ponzi Scheme scams people by Collecting their Credits Cards and using it for Only God Knows.

Is Enjeo.com Scam?

Yes, Enjeo is actually a Scam Ponzi Scheme Website that Fails to Fulfill their Useless Promises and pays the few at the expense of their Credit Card details.

Why is Enjeo.com Scam?

Enjeo.com is actually a Scam because there are no Reasonable thing for you to do on the site rather than Refer Friends and pay $1 as they register, which they pay you $10 and pay them $21.

Now have you ever asked yourself where the $21 Registeration Bonus came from, when you only paid $1? The answer is that they Accumulate the $1 from other Users who registers on the site and give some people which them a Ponzi Scam Website or Fake Money Doublers.

Should You Register for the Enjeo.com Affiliate?

Whether they pay or not, I would advise you never ever to Register for this Enjeo.com Affiliate Program as you not only Risking your Personal Details, but you are also risking your Credit Card details to be used in the hands of Hackers.

Actually if Peradventure you have already registered for the Enjeo Scam Ponzi Scheme Website, and you are convince, I would advise you to do the following below.

How to Keep my Details safe from Enjeo

  • Delete your Credit Card details from the Road Mini Plan website you were directed to by Enjeo.com to make Make Payments

How to Delete My Credit Card Details from Enjeo

In order to delete your Credit Card details from the Enjeo Road Mini Plan Website follow the Procedure below

  • Go to the Website you were Redirected by Enjeo to make the $1 Payment. In My own Case I was directed to the domain https://go.my3bsc.com/cp6/index.asp, yours might be different.
  • Click on “Access Mini Plan Manager“.
  • Click on the Second Sub Menu. How to Delete My Credit Card Details from Enjeo
  • Click on the ” Manage Payment Method“. How to Delete My Credit Card Details from Enjeo
  • Scroll down and Locate the Edit Button at the Buttom-right of your Card details. How to Delete My Credit Card Details from Enjeo
  • Finally: Click on the Delete Button Button to Delete your Credit Card Details from Enjeo Road Mini Weekly Subscription. How to Delete My Credit Card Details from Enjeo
  • You can Reload the Page to confirm that You have Successfully deleted your Credit Card Details from the Enjeo Road Mini Weekly Plan Subscription. How to Delete My Credit Card Details from Enjeo

Once you followed the Steps Above you should be able to successfully delete your Credit Card Details from the Enjeo Road Mini Weekly Plan Subscription Platform.

My Final Review on Enjeo is that they might show they are real, but they are actually fake and not to be trusted.

Please you are free to drop your experience with the Enjeo Site so we can all learn together. Please don’t forget to share this Post to your Friends who fell in Victim of this new reloaded Enjeo Scam. Thanks have a great day, don’t forget to Subscribe.


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