The Final Solution: Jesus – Dec 2019 Deeper Life Retreat

Deeper Christian Life Ministries holds their Annual December Retreat which is usually within 4-5 days at every state and holds the Camp in Deeper Life Conference Center, Lagos Ibadan Express Way for Lagosians.

The Deeper Life December Retreat for 2019 is tagged The Final Solution: Jesus.

The Deeper Life December Retreat is a time packaged and equipped with lots of benefits, goodness and blessings from the Lord whereby Everyone is usually Invited to receive the Best from the Lord.

The Deeper Life December Retreat is pioneered by the Deeper Life Bible Church and the Brain behind this Popular Programme is the General Superintendent of the Ministry: Pastor WF Kumuyi. This Retreat is not just a retreat formed and led by Flesh but a retreat led and formed by the Inspiration and Motivation of God. Deeper Life December Retreat 2019

The Deeper Life December Retreat is usually segmented into 4 Main Part which are:

  • Children Camp
  • Youth Camp
  • Campus Camp
  • Adult Camp

The Retreat was segmented/divided because each of this Aspect or Sections are entitled to receive the Best from the Lord in an aspect according to each of their Understanding

The Deeper Life Children Camp is meant for only Children that are yet to enter Secondary School. The camp is filled with Humble Teachers who are sanctified and ordained by God to function in that department to impact into the life of Children, by teaching them the Word of God in Children Understanding and how to Pray as a Child and how to children can live a holy life, how children can overcome trials and Temptations and lots more.

The Children Camp is a place that your Child willl never regret going there.

You can Locate the DLCC Children Camp using this Link

  • DLCC Youth Camp

The Deeper Life Youth Camp is meant for Teenagers and also meant for students who are still in Secondary School and also meant for Aspirants into any kind of Higher Institution.

The DLCC Youth Camp teaches and guides youth with explainable teaching aid to aid faster and better understanding of serving God in their Young Age. The DLCC Youth Camp is spiritual equipped with ministers that are ordained for the Youth Section Alone to teach and guide them with spirit, guidance, wisdom and Grace of the Holy Spirit.

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Any youth who finds his/herself in the Youth Camp will never live to regret it because the Youth Camp is an Experience never to forget.

The DLCC Youth Camp is Located beside the Publications House

  • DLCC Campus Camp

The DLCC Campus Camp is Fully meant and packeged specially for Undergraduates from 100 Level to 500 Level. The Campus Camp teaches Undergraduates the best way to maintain themselves and live a prayerful, Holiness, and in any dimension of Life.

The Campus Fellowship is fully organised and equipped by Ministers that are ordained for Campus Fellowship alone.

The DLCC Campus Camp is Forever Experience for Undergraduates. The DLCC Campus Camp is Located immediately after the White House and Before the Adult Camp.

  • DLCC Adult Camp

The Deeper Life Conference Center Adult Camp is fully equipped for Adults no matter the Age. The Adult Camp gives all the full teaching that every Adult Should know and also how to train their Children, In the Place of Work and anything that Relates to the Adult Life.

The Adult Camp is actually the Main Place where the General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church: Pastor WF Kumuyi, dishes out his messages to the public

The Adult Camp is Located immediately after the Campus Camp and it’s a very well exposed and known place for anyone to Locate Easily.

The Deeper Life December Retreat is a fully Packaged Programme set to bless your Life and Prepare for Heaven and also for the New Year.


The Deeper Life December Retreat is located and done in every state and local government across Nigeria, Africa and also every other Continent of the World.

You can learn more about Deeper Life and it’s History on Wikipedia via this Link. You can Visit the Deeper Christian Life Ministries Official Website: DCLM.ORG

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