How Make Money through Branch Mobile App

Hello guys, as you can see in the Topic above, how to get over 50000 Naira for free Using Branch without stress or even borrowing the Money from them and note that this is not a Ponzi Scheme. I will explain everything to you free. Now let me first of all explain to you how it works. It has been tested and confirm by many other Users.


The name of the Company is called BRANCH. This app is an Online Lending Platform, they borrow Money to everyone in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and other African Countries, they lend money out to people without Collectral, Guarantor or even your Statement of Account. This Online Lending Platform borrow money to everyone that needs money urgently for either your personal needs, business, salary advance etc. The Company is a Registered Finance Company Under the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for quality assurance purposes. READ MORE ABOUT THIS LOAN COMPANY AND ALSO OTHER ONLINE LENDING PLATFORM HERE.


As we all Know Branch is an Online Lending Platform that lends money to everyone without exception that needs it. But did you also know that you can make Hundreds of Thousand from them without even Borrowing from this Online Lending Platform? Let’s get down to business as I explain how this works in very easy steps and also in a very understandable way.

How Make Money through Branch Mobile App

In order to Make Money through the Branch Mobile App, you need to have the Following Requirements Below.

  1. Strong Network Connection
  2. Working Bank Account

How Making Money through Branch Mobile App works?

Now after getting the required things that are stated above, the next steps that are below are mainly for you follow.

Branch pays you a sum of 2000 naira for just referring someone who uses your referral link and code to download the app, borrow a loan and pays back the loan and you immediately get the 2000 naira instantly straight to your Bank Account without Third Party or anything. And by following the steps you can as well make over 50000 Naira using the Branch App.

  1. Download and Install the app via HERE
  2. After installing the app, all you have to do is that you have to sign up for a new account.

NOTE: During the Process of Signing up you might be asked for PROMOTION CODE or REFFERAL CODE, all you have to do there is that you should input this code “ “otherwise you are on your own, because it won’t work for You.

  1. After successfully Signing up and inputting the correct details, what you have to do is that you have to apply for a Loan, you will be given a Loan of 1000 naira to repay 1200 naira in 4 weeks’ time. What you have to do next is that you should pay the sum of 1200 naira immediately check step 4
  2. Now what you have to do next to start making money via Branch is that you have to Inform or refer someone who hasn’t used the branch app before to download the via your referral link, and also using your referral code.


If you have successfully followed the above steps It’ll surely work out for You.

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