How to Borrow Money on Airtel without Paying Service Fee

It’s not a new news that you can now Borrow Airtime from Airtel Mobile Network in Nigeria and Pay for it at your own very time, but what is new here is that you can now How to Borrow Money on Airtel without Paying Service Fee and Payback at your own convinience time without Service Fee.

Not only Airtel but other Telecoms in Nigeria, since they all launched Borrow Airtime and Payback, they had made alot of money from people through the service fee of 10% which they all increased to 15% Service Fee at the cost of paying back for the Airtime which people borrowed from them. In Today Posts I’ll give you the simple but rare tricks to bypass the service fee Airtel will collect from You at the costs of Paying Back.

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How to Borrow Money on Airtel without Paying Service Fee

  • Make Sure you are eligible for Extra Credit on your Airtel Line and also you are an active subscriber on the Airtel Network and you should have recharged at least 200 Naira or More for the Past 3Months
  • After then you dial the code *500*0# and choose the the amount of recharge card you are convineince in borrowing and paying back in due time
  • If you are eligible your request will be processed immediately and you will be credited with your required amount without paying any service fee or charge
  • If you’re not eligible you will receive a message from Airtel that “Dear customer, you do not qualify for Extra credit. Please keep your Airtel line active“.

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By following the steps above you will be able to borrow Airtime from Airtel without any service fee or charges attached to it. Just incase this steps didn’t worked for you, you can try it with another active Airtel Line or drop your comments below for guidance and please don’t forget to share this Post to your Friends.

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