How to Check Network Speed Online

Are You Curious and what to know your Network speed Online? Follow the Steps Below:

I Know that Generally everyone will know the rate of speed at which they access the Internet, And Probably some will know their Network wheteher its like before so as to change their WIFI Router and access the Internet in a very Faster Way. If You fall into any of the Categories then follow the Steps Below.

The tool for checking your Internet Speed Online in order to determine how fast of slow is it is called FAST.COM


What is was formaly a tool developed by Netflix in order to know or to measure your Connection speed to Netflix Site.

But now is not a tool to check your Network Connection to Netflix alone, but also to generally know your network connection.

How to Use

In order to Know your Internet Speed Online all you have to do is to visit the site called FAST.COM  and immediately your internet speed will be displayed on your screen just like the screenshot below


Note: Make sure your Data Connection turned ON

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