How to Convert PayPal Funds to Payoneer Free

How to Convert PayPal Fund to Payoneer Free


Hello everyone as you can see in the Topic above, I will teach the very simple but rare trick to withdraw your PayPal funds to your bank account, at the rate of 360 naira/$. All you have to do is that you have to make sure you follow all the instructions that will be listed below, promptly and without any mistake, because just a little mistake might just spoil everything.

Now lets get down to business, What are the things required? Don’t worry, about not knowing what to do we got you covered in every step needed as far as to VPN.

Things required to get started:

  1. A verified (Nigerian or your country) Payooner Account (Either Linked with your (Nigerian or your country) k account or Linked with your ATM card)
  2. Secondly you need a very strong Network connection either 3g or 4g
  3. Thirdly you need a Good and quality VPN ( Windscribe Preferably or any other Non-Proxy VPN)
  4. Fourthly you need a USA PayPal account that has already been email address verified to make the work easier
  5. Fifthly you need yourself no to make any mistake
  6. Steps to get a Working USA PayPal
  7. Then how to Withdraw your PayPal funds via Payooner
  8. Then how to withdraw from Payooner to your Bank account

How to withdraw from PayPal to Nigerian Bank Account

Chapter 1 Payoneer Account (why you need it and what you need it for):

I know that the first thing that will come to your mind about a Payoneer account is that what do I need it for and why do I need it. A Payoneer account is just like an online bank where you are free to save, send and receive money not only Nationwide but also Worldwide. Unlike PayPal, Payoneer doesn’t restrict any country from having a Payoneer account, all country are free to have a Payoneer account which makes it stands out among-st all other of his competitors. Now Payoneer made It very easy for people, especially, Nigerians to Link their various Bank account to their Payoneer account to be able to receive funds directly without any third party of selling of funds at the rate of 360 / $ and vice versa. It is a very good thing isn’t? now that’s not the only thing they also make sure that as you open a Payooner account You get a GOOD, FREE AND WORKING USA, UK, GERMANY BANK ACCOUNT ALL FOR FREE WITHOUT ANY FEE. Now that is why a Payooner account is highly needed for this trick to work. You are getting the gist isn’t it? GET A PAYONEER ACCOUNT HERE FREE 


Chapter 2 Strong Network (3g or 4g)

I know that you will say in mind that what concern me and Network in this matter now? My guy let me tell you if you don’t have a good network all what you might be doing will be frustrated and it might not even work and note that any small mistake with the network, espically when connecting to VPN, might spoil everything, you get what am saying right?


Chapter 3 Good and Quality VPN

For some people you will be thinking in your mind that what do I need VPN for when I don’t need VPN for my (Nigerian or my country)  Payooner account, I will explain to you now:  Actually You don’t need a VPN for your Payooner Account, but let me tell you my guy, this trick doesn’t for any country PayPal account except USA and UK PayPal account, Don’t be scared you trust your guys from Nigeria we have got you covered, We no be Yahoo Boy OO. Now slide into the Playstore or the Appstore of your Mobile Phone and Download the Updated WINDSCRIBE VPN. Why this VPN? This VPN is the best and the most Quality VPN immediately after Express VPN, and this VPN comes in with some free Countries and which also Includes many States of the USA.

How Convert PayPal Fund to Payoneer Free

Chapter 4 USA PayPal account (that has already been Email address Verified to make the Work)

As it has been written in Chapter 3 already we need a USA PayPal account. But to get a USA PayPal account, you need SSN, USA Mobile Phone number etc. Don’t be Scared we have got you covered just read below:

What are the requirement to get a Working USA PayPal account when you aren’t in USA read below:

  1. Text Plus app to get a USA number for free without stress
  2. Good Network
  3. Windscribe VPN to change your details
  4. You also need a Fake US details

Now lets get down to business to get a USA working PayPal account you need to follow the steps below:

Slide into the Playstore of your phone and download this app called TextPlus app the very good thing about the app is that you don’t need a VPN to register for the app, everyone can now get a Free Working USA number without stress. Now after downloading the app, all you need is to sign up, fill the captcha form, choose the number you what and boom! Your USA Number is ready for PayPal Verification.

Now please and please before you continue with this Step make sure you have a very good network connection before attempting to continue please.

Now all you have to do is that you Launch your Windscribe VPN, Connect it to any free State in the USA and visit this site to make sure that it is actually connected, and make sure the VPN isn’t disconnected.

Now what you have to do is that is that you visit this site and make sure that the address generated are the USA’s own.

How to Convert PayPal Fund to Payoneer Free

Chapter 5 Steps to Get a USA PayPal account:

Now since the VPN, USA number, Strong connection, Fake USA details are all ready, what you have to do next is that you create your PayPal account.

Now open the PayPal account via this link note with VPN already connected to USA.

What you have to do is that you open a Personal PayPal account. Fill the details in a way you might remember note use a Gmail account please. Now you will get to a space where you are to input the Last 4 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number), what you are to do here is that you go the and look for the Social Security Number and copy the last  digits of the SSN and paste it into the required field in the PayPal box. Fill the rest input your USA phone number generated from TextPlus app and get the code or you skip It any how you want it. Now after all this things you will get to place where you to either Link a Card or a Bank account. What you are to do here is that you should close the browser and clear the app data of the browser and go back to the site with VPN connected and login to the PayPal account you just created. It’ll show you to confirm your E-mail Address, all you have to do is that you are to confirm the email address. Now after confirming the email address all you have do is that we need to Link your USA Bank account already provided by Payooner for free, follow the steps below to get your USA Bank Account.

How to Withdraw PayPal to Bank Account


Chapter 6 How to get Your USA Bank already provided by Payooner for Free :


Now what You have to do is that is you should Login to your Payooner account now in the dashboard of your Payooner account and click the Menu button located at the left top corner of your Payooner Account and click the Receive The Button. Now after clicking this button you will be taken to a place where you will see the Receive the Global Button and click it you will be redirected to a new tab where it will show the UK, USA and Germany Bank account. What you should do is that you should Slide to the left and you will find the USD bank account details, where you see Your Routing and Bank account. Check Chapter 7 how to link it to your PayPal account.

Chapter 7 How to Link your Payooner Bank account to your PayPal account:

Now in the dashboard of your USA PayPal account you will see a place to click where you are to link a Bank Account, click it and you will see where to select other bank account, and you will be redirected to a place where you are to link your Bank Account, Now select Checking Account and in the space required for Routing Number, go back to details of your Payooner account and copy the routing the number and then paste it into the Space required for Routing Number in Your Paypal account and do the same for THE ACCOUNT NUMBER TOO and click the Submit Button. It’ll load successfully and show a page telling you that a small amount of money usually below 0.50$ will be deposited into your Payooner Bank account to confirm that you are the owner of the bank account. NOTE that the deposit might take 1-24 hours and in some cases 48 hours. After the money has been deposited, Login to your PayPal account and in the dashboard of your PayPal account you will see an option there to Confirm Bank Account, click and input the amount of money deposited into the account of your Payooner account, and click submit and BOOM! You have successfully Linked your Payooner Bank account to your PayPal account Hassle – Free

Chapter 8 How to withdraw from PayPal to Payooner Bank account

It is very easy simply click Wallet in the dashboard of your PayPal account and click Withdraw, Follow the Procedures to Withdraw and BOOM! In Less than 1-2 hours your funds will be transferred to your Payooner account. How to withdraw from your Payooner to your Local Bank account, Chapter 9 entails it.

How to Withdraw PayPal to Bank Account


Chapter 9 How to Withdraw from Payooner to your Local Bank account


This step is very easy, to withdraw from your Payooner account, you need to have a minimum of 50$ before you can withdraw to your bank account with a little charge of 15$ no matter the amount you want to witdraw Or Using your Payooner MasterCard you can withdraw any amount of money without Limit for free. Now Login to the dashboard of Your Payooner Account and click the WITHDRAW TO BANK ACCOUNT  option, follow the steps and BOOM! You have successfully withdrawn from PayPal to Payooner and to your Local Bank account all for free without having to sell your Funds.

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