How to Create a Google Voice Number for WhatsApp in Nigeria

Looking for a USA number for WhatsApp in Nigeria? In This Post I will teach You how to create a Google Voice USA Number for WhatsApp in Nigeria.

As we all know everyone that the Popular app that we all know to get a Virtual USA number is text-plus, Groove-IP, Text-now and the rest can not work for Some Premium and Official Site Like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and the Likes, That’s why we have come out with this Article to help you. Just make sure that you get all things required and that you must follow all the steps that will be given to You for your work to be very Successfully.

If you dont understand What is said below you can Watch the Video for Better and Practical Experience.

I will Like to Inform you that getting this is very Easy and free because Google has decided to help People by Providing this service to make thing easy for people by providing the Google Voice Number along side Google Hangout.

But Unfortunately its not for People without the America’s or the European Border. But do not Panic or Lose Hope there is always a solution for everything, So just rest your back take a gulp of a very chilled Chivita Fruit Drink or Pepsi and Follow all the Steps that you are asked to Follow. If you don’t understand you can Watch the Video for Better and Practical Experience.

How to Create a Google Voice Number for WhatsApp in Nigeria:

In order to be able to create a Google Voice Number in Nigeria, You need to follow the steps below.

  1. A very good and Stable 3g or 4g Network
  2. A very Quality VPN (Windscribe VPN) Preferably Download here
  3. Text-plus App Download it here
  4. GOOGLE OVER VOICE APP Download It Now or  Download it here.
  5. Make Sure You share this Post

How to get Create a Google Voice Number number for WhatsApp in Nigeria

Just Follow the Steps below to Create a Google Voice Number for WhatsApp in Nigeria

  • A very good and Stable 3g or 4g Network: Why A good and Stable network connection is highly needed and placed as the top 1 most need requirement is that any breach in the network connection might spoil all what we want to do.
  • A very Quality VPN (Windscribe VPN) Preferably: I know that you might be wondering what we need this VPN is because what we are about to do is not available to other countries except to those in the Continent of North and South America which also includes USA, Canada etc. and to some Countries in the Europe which including United Kingdom etc.
  • Text-plus App: Yes we need this app because for you to be able to get this Phone that is been provided by google, you will need to verify that you are in USA or the Likes
  • Google Voice App. Yes we need this App because this is what will give us access to get this kind of Original USA virtual Number for WhatsApp, Telegram, LinkedIn, Fiverr etc..
  • Make Sure to drop a comment and  share this Post: I know that Most people will want to skip this, but i urge You not to do that because you will help a soul by doing That.

Now that we have Understood why we need all the requirements that are stated in the Understandable short Article, Lets get down to Business.. Like i have said above the Master Mind of this wonderful Stuff is and they made it a very free Service to use

After getting all the required things Listed above then the next step is for You.

  • Connect your Wind-scribe VPN to any State in the United States of America.
  •  Open The App and Follow all the Steps that are in the Video for Better Under Standing.

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