How to Create a Post in WordPress

Hello, There probably you are just New into WordPress (CMS) and you have set everything down like your WordPress Admin details, for logging in to the Back end of your site where you can Create
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Hello in this Article i will teach You how to create your First Post in WordPress. As Someone who is just new into blogging it might kind of look hard for the person because everything will
strange. But i will like to Inform YOU that using WORD-PRESS is very Easy, I REPEAT VERY EASY. Now lets dig in to the main point.

Before You can be able to Successfully Create a Post in WordPress, You have to First of all Login to the Back-end of your Site. You can Login by using the details given to You either by the
person who sold Hosting for You, or You generated it by yourself using C-Panel or Whatever.

After Successfully Logging in Successfully Logging in to the Backed of Your New Site, Follow the Steps below:

1. Navigate to the Left top coiner of your WordPress Dashboard
2. You will See in part of the Menu a part titled “POST”
3. Hover your Mouse on it and you will see three sub menu that seems to pop-up
4. As you hover your screen on it You will see that the first sub menu is titled “ADD NEW POST” all you have to do is to click it.
5. You will see a Small Rectangular Space which boldly says “ADD A TITLE” that is where you will give the title of your post. Give your Post a Title and proceed to the next step.
6. You will see that under the Rectangular Space that is meant for Title, There is a very Big Square Space, This where all the Content of your Post will be. It is in that Square Space theat you will be able to Type the Content for the Post, you can also add sub heading in this Space that is Meant for Content.

How to Insert Media into my Content:

Under this Section i will teach you how to successfully add Media like Pictures, Videos etc. Into Your Post ready to to be Publish to Your WordPress Site
7. All you have to do is that you First of all Download of Create the Pictures of the Media You want to Add to Your Post
8. Navigate Your Mouse to the three Buttons directly above the Content Space, and Click Add Media.
9. You can Now upload your desire Pictures or Media’s into your WordPress Content

NOTE: If you Want to Add your Desired Media In between Your Content, Then You have to Position the Typing Cursor in the Place you want to successfully add it too

10. All You have to do is that you click the ADD Media Button.
11. After Clicking hover your mouse to the Section that says insert featured image.
12. You can either Upload the Picture you want or You Choose from the Already uploaded Pictures
13. Then you click the Insert Featured Image to successfully Add a featured to Your Post.s
NOTE: If you want your Post to be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly you have to make your featured Image to be 200 by 200 Pixels. Don’t know the meaning of SEO Click here to subscribe to
receive Tutorials on how to get Traffic from Google and other Search Engines

How to successfully Publish Your Post

14. After You are through with Typing and editing your Post that is ready to be Publish, You will find at the right top corner a button called “PUBLISH”
15. All you have to is that you have to Hit the button, and by so doing you have successfully Posted Your Content on WordPress with Post and also with any type of Media You wish to add.
16. Drop Your Comments where you don’t understand or you can also ask about other related Blogging Questions for Assistant to your Email Address

Congratulation For Making Your First Post on WordPress. Did you Notice a Mistake in the Post you already Published Click here to Know how to EDIT your already Published Post.
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