How to Delete a Post from WordPress Site

Probably You might have created a duplicate content or you might copied a post from another website that you want to delete or you just felt you dont need that Post again in your site, What You have to do is that You Should Follow the Steps that can be found Below.

How To Successfully Delete or Trash A Post From WordPress Site.

1. Login to the Back-end of your WordPress Site.
2. Navigate to the Left top corner of your WordPress Dashboard
3. You will See in part of the Menu a Sub menu titled “POST”
4. Hover your Mouse on it and you will see three sub menu that seems to pop-up
5. As you hover your screen on it You will see that the first sub menu is titled “ALL POST” all you have to do is to click it.
6. Here in this Place You will be able to see all the Post that has already been published on your WordPress Site.
7. Locate the Post you want to Delete or Trash.
8. Hover round the Post Title with your Mouse
9. As you hover round the Post title what you should do is that you should Click the TRASH Button that is directly below the Post title for you to be to DELETE the Post again that you don’t want
10. After Clicking the Trash Button, You will be asked whether You want to actually Delete the Post, You can actually change your Mind by Clicking No OR You Click the Yes Button for You to be able
to successfully delete the Post.


You can Reload or Refresh Your Website Page if You followed the Steps Above and You will find out that the Post is no more there again.

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