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How to Get a Quick Loan From Jumia One. Did you know that are Lending Platforms that Lends Money to People Online without Collateral, Hidden Charges, High Payback Interest!!! kindly read along.

Many People wants to get a Loan easily to grow their Business and they think the only way for them to access a Loan is for them to go the Bank. The Most Painful thing in Nigeria in the aspect of Getting Loan in the Bank to expand their business is a very hard thing due to the requirements that most bank in Nigeria will require from them like High-Collateral, High Payback Interest, Hidden Charges and many others.


Jumia Lending is one of the surest Way to getting a Quick Online Loan in Nigeria.

What is Jumia Lending?

Jumia Lending is a new initiative that gives you the opportunity to grow and expand your business by granting you access to fast and easy short – term working capital.

But before you can be able to get access to this Lending Platform You need to download the Jumia One APP via this Link and Make sure you are an active user on it.

How can i be an active user?

You can be an active user by using their Mobile App to Purchase Airtime, Data Subscription, Paying Bills ETC.

Get a Loan in 2-3 Minutes using Paylater (Carbon)

Learn More about Jumia Lending by Watching the Video below:


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