How to Make Money On Mizoh and Get 20% Cashbacks

In Today’s Today’s Post I will give Full Reviews on Mizoh Mobile App, and How to Make Money On Mizoh Mobile App and Get 20% Cashbacks per Transaction will be Explained in detailed.

Mizoh is Just like the Trending Jumia One Mobile App, Mizoh is a Company that deals with selling of Recharge Cards, Dealers in Paying for Bills, Services and so on. Mizoh is a company is a company that has been in existence for quite some years now. Now let’s how Mizoh Works.

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How Mizoh Mobile App Works:

Mizoh gives a cashback of 20% everyone who uses their app to make any transactions with them online either by Purchasing Airtime from them of by paying for any bills Online.

Mizoh also gives everyone that registers with them for the First Time gets a Free 100 Naira Welcome Bonus which can be used to Purchase Airtime or Pay for Bills Online.

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Also Mizoh Pays you 100 naira for everyone you refer into Mizoh using your refferal code.

Now that we have known how Mizoh Mobile App Works let’s get to know How to Make Money On Mizoh Mobile App.

How to Make Money On Mizoh Mobile App:

In order for you to Make Money on Mizoh Mobile App you need to follow the steps below.

  • Download the Mobile App using this LINK.
  • Fill in your full legal details.
  • Use this code YFoao as your referral code in order to get your free registration welcome bonus.
  • Verify your Email Adresss using the OTP sent to email address.
  • Also Verify Your Mobile Phone Number (Do not skip this Process because it’s very important for you to get the free regristration bonus.

If you followed the steps above, you will receive a Congratulatory message as shown in the picture below

How to make money on Mizoh Mobile App


Once You have seen this message just press the Okay button and ck congratulations you have received Your free regristration bonus and also any Purchase you make, you will get a 20% Cashback on every Purchase or transactions you make.

Lastly don’t forget to Refer your friends to use Mizoh Mobile App through your Referral Code so you can also get a Free 100 Naira into your Mizoh Wallet for Purchasing Airtime or Paying Bills Online.


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