How to Make Money on Scooper and Cashout to Bank Account

They are Several Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria, in this Post I’ll teach you How to Make Money on Scooper and Cashout to your Bank Account. I’ll explain the Full Reviews on Scooper you need to know about Scooper, various ways of making on Scooper.

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What is Scooper?

Scooper formally known as ‘Eaglee‘ is a Mobile Application that Releases the latest information on News and all other Related Information to the Public via the Scooper Mobile App. Scooper is also a mobile app that Promises to eradicate Poverty from Nigeria by paying everyone who reads news on the Mobile App.

How does Scooper Works?

Scooper is a company that pays users for reading news and also reffering people who registers completely on the app. Also you dont need to refer anyone to the Scooper App before you can make money and Cashout to your Bank Account.

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How to Make Money on Scooper?

In order for you to make money on Scooper you have to download their Mobile App and Register completely using thisĀ Link

How does Scooper Earnings Works?

  • Scooper pays you 200 Points Per Person that downloads the Scooper Mobile App via your Link
  • Scooper pays you 5 Points Per Article you Read via their Mobile App with a Maximum of 30 Articles per day
  • Scooper Pays you 5 Points Per Person that enters your refferal code when signing up
  • Scooper also pays you 5 Points Per Person your Refferals refer to the App.

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How to Cashout on Scooper?

How to Cashout from Scooper

In order for you to cashout or withdraw from Scooper Mobile App you have to follow the Steps below

  • Head over to the Money Tab and tap on Cashout
  • Select your preferred way of cashing out from Scooper either through data or another preferred means
  • Confirm your Receipt by Rating Scooper Mobile App on Google PlayStore
  • Expect your payment within 72 Hours of applying for Cashout. Note that a mail will be sent to you go confirm that you have applied for cashout from Scooper App

What’s Minimum Withdrawal on Scooper?

The Minimum Points for you to Withdraw from Scooper is set permanently at 3000 Points, which can be withdrawn through Airtime, DATA or Bank Account.

Is Scooper Legit?

Yes, Scooper is Legit Company that pays people for reading news

Is Scooper still Paying?

Yes, Scooper is still paying everyone who still uses the Mobile App

Is Scooper Available to Nigerians?

Yes, Scooper is Nigerian App that’s works majorly in Nigeria.

Reviews on Scooper App

Scooper is a legitimate Mobile Application that’s rewards people for using the mobile app for reading news and reffering people to use the App through your unique Refferal Link.


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