How to Make Money With Jumia One App


Hi everyone i will teach and also explain to you how to make Money for Free using the Jumia One App. As we all know, Jumia is an Online Store that allows you to buy goods Online using your ATM card or via bank transfer, they made things easier for people especially Nigerians to Order for goods without even having to stress yourself or even coming to the their to pick up your goods but they will bring your goods to your Door Step within Hours, which makes them to stand out among-st others of their Competitors. They are not only based in Nigeria, but also in many other African Countries.

How can i Make money from them since they only deal with Selling and Buying of Stuffs? In this Article i will Explain everything in Details to You. Jumia recently Released an app that can make people not to only buy stuff Online but also to Pay Bills, Recharge your Phone, Order Food within Minutes and other things which are now available in their app. Jumia didn’t just released the app just like that, but they also included Affiliate inside the App, Which means that as you refer People to download the App, you can Earn Money

Since we now get a glimpse of what we are talking about, Lets get down to business

Things Required to get Started:

1. Good and Stable Internet Connections
2. Jumia One App you can get it here
3. Share this Post to Your Friends


How to Make Money With Jumia One App

If you have all the things that are stated above, then this steps is for You.

All you have to do to Start Making Money via Jumia One App is that you have to Install App. After installing the App, Open the App and Sign up for a Fresh Account

After signing up for a fresh account you have to activate your Jumaia One App account by buying a Rechare Card worth 200 naira only which you will get 20% cash back for your first transaction
by using Coupon Code that will be sent to You. The Main Reason why it is very Important for you to Buy an Airtime instantly after signing up is Because so that your Earning in the Future will be intact.

Now After Activating Your Jumia One Account, What you have to do next is that You have to Start Referring People to Install the App and Buy Recharge using your Own Unique Referral Link and You get paid an Instant Amount of 1000 Naira (One Thousand Naira). If You Refer just 10 People You get 10000 Naira all for Yourself Free and you can use the Money to also Order for Physical Stuff from jumai such as: Phones, Fridge, Television etc.

Benefits Of Jumia One App

1. You get Cash Back for every of the Transaction Performed on the App
2. Discounted Price
3. Affiliate and Many Others

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Thanks Once a Again, I Remain Aydmain.

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