How to Make Someone you are calling Pay for Your Call on Airtel

Airtel has been one of the best Mobile Network for a very long time in Nigeria, when it comes to making calls and Data. Airtel Call Services recently added to their services “Receivers Pay for Calls” which means anybody you call will be the one to pay for time spent while calling. Actually the main reason Airtel released this Service is incase of emergency whereby you don’t have sufficient airtime to make calls.

In this Article I’ll explain everything you need to know about this Service and also how you can go around using this Service by Airtel How to Make Someone you are calling pay for Your Calls on Airtel. Actually this Tutorial is Strictly meant for Airtel Users Only.

How to Make Someone You are Calling Pay for Calls on Airtel

Making Someone Pay for your calls on Airtel is very simple all you have to do is to dial the person’s phone number with the # in front. For Example:

To call 08036574493 you have to dial the person’s phone number like this #08036574493.

Once the Receiver picks the calls then they will be automatically billed for the calls you make just like the Receivers pays for Calls on 9mobile.

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