How to setup the Admob Robot Auto Impression App

First of all I’ll like to explain an AUTO-IMPRESSION app to you:

An AUTO-IMPRESSION app is an app designed most specially to run impression automatically and also designed for self-clickers. It has the power to run over 1000 impression in 3-5 minutes. Now let’s take a look at the benefits of this AUTO-IMPRESSION app

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Benefits of the AUTO-IMPRESSION App

The benefits of this app are as Follows:

  1. It saves times
  2. It is very easy to use
  3. It runs impression very well
  4. You can set the amount of impression you want per seconds
  5. The apps shows you the amount of clicks you’ve made so far
  6. The apps also shows you percentage your PAGE CTR
  7. The apps also has high cost-per-click ranging from 77$-1.02$ per click
  8. The app doesn’t occupy space in your mobile Phone
  9. The app is very FAST and EFFICIENT
  10. The app is Virus Free

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Probably, You might have created your Admob account, Setup your Admob account, created your Adunits, Whereas your Admob account has been approved for Ad-Serving and You have also paid for the app and ive sent you the App but you don’t know how to setup it up follow the video Steps below to know how to setup the app.

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The Price for the App is $15 which in 5400 Naira. Pls only interested persons should Chat me Up on WhatsApp for their Apps.

how to setup the admob auto impression app




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