How to Share or Gift Data on Airtel, MTN, 9Mobile and Glo

Sharing data to friends and family is one the things I love doing and also I know most people also loves doing but where the Problem comes for Most People is How to Share on Airtel, MTN, 9mobile and Glo to people in Nigeria. In this Article I’ll explain how you can Share and Gifts to Anyone using Airtel, MTN, 9mobile or Glo.

Firstly Let me explain some of the Terminologies used when Sharing Data to people

To Share Data means to share data to Someone out of your Existing Data Balance.

To Gift Data means to Purchase a Data Plan for someone with your existing Airtime Balance. After getting this Terms right, let’s get to main Point of How to Share Data on Airtel, MTN, 9mobile and Glo to Someone.

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How to Share or Gift Data on Airtel

Airtel has two Features of sharing Data to Loved ones, which are: Me2U and Data Gifting

To Share Data on Airtel from existing Airtime Balance is to Dial *141# > Select 5 for Data Gifting> Select Data Me2U. Make sure you have Data Balance on Airtel and note that you can only Share a Maximum of 200MB on the Airtel Network.

To Gift Data on Airtel you have to Dial *141# > Select 5 for Data Gifting> Select Gift Data.N that you are to have Airtime Balance for you to be able to Purchase a Data Plan for the Person you are Sharing Data to on Airtel.

How to Share Data on MTN

MTN stopped data sharing for a very long time due to the network glitch problem they faced. But MTN recently introduced the Data Sharing features back into the system which they made to be better and faster than how it had been before. But you are allowed users to Share a Data of 100MB Per day, but you can purchase a higher data plan for the person you’re transferring data to by using the MTN Data Gifting Feature.

  • Dial *123*3#
  • Select 7
  • Choose either to Purchase a Data Plan for your Friend or to Share Data to your Friend our of your existing Data Balance
  • Enter your friends number and input the amount of Data you want to Send.

MTN added a Very great feature while introducing the Data Gifting Feature back by Allowing Users to Request Data from Other MTN Users follow the steps Below to Request Data from Someone on MTN

How to Request Data on MTN from Someone

To Request Data on MTN from Someone is to Dial *123*3#> Select 7> Select Request Data> Enter the Person’s Number> Enter the number of Data you want> Click the Send Button.

Once the Person Accepts your Request, you will immediately Recive your desired amount of Data. I’ll Advise informing the Person first before requesting for the Data so as not for your Data Request to be declined.

How to Share Data on Glo

To Share Data on Glo, Dial *127*01*Person’s GLO Phone Number# for example *127*01*08037483362#. Please note that the Person you are sharing data with on Glo has the Unlimited Access to your Data and can use it anyhow the person’s wants it. But if you wants to Stop Sharing Data to Someone on Glo Network follow the steps below

How to Stop Sharing Data Glo

To Stop Sharing Data on Glo, Dial *127*02*Person’s Glo Phone Number# for example *127*02*08037483362#. By doing so you have automatically stopped sharing data to someone on Glo Network.

How to Share Data on 9Mobile

To Share Data on 9Mobile, Dial *229*PIN*Amount of Data*Person’s 9Mobile Phone Number#. Please note that for you to be able to Transfer Data to someone on 9Mobile you need to change your default Pin.

How to Change Default Pin in 9Mobile

To Change Default Pin in 9Mobile, Dial  *247*0000*New PIN# for example: *247*0000*7890#.


In Conclusion Below are the codes to share data on Airtel, MTN, 9mobile and Glo.

Code to Share Data on Airtel: Dial *141# followed by 5> data gifting> data Me2U or Data gifting

Code to Share Data on MTN: Dial *123*3*7# then select your preferred method

Code to Share Data on Glo: *127*01*Person’s GLO Phone Number#

Code to Share Data on 9Mobile: *229*PIN*Amount of Data*Person’s 9Mobile Phone Number#

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