How to Share Phone Internet to PC Without WIFI

Would you say you are exhausted utilizing the WIFI technique for Sharing Web Association for your PC? At that point this Article is For You, simply read and review the Means below.

In Numerous Occurrences, I have seen a circumstance whereby, Most PC does not have a Wireless association for perusing either by Wifi Switch or through their Telephone. What’s more, I have additionally observed a Circumstance whereby Sharing Wireless association isnt working again and they are left in a miserable circumstance and presumably they may be in a spot where an adjacent Portable Architect isnt found thus numerous comparable Sad circumstance. That is the reason I have chosen to compose this Post to help Individuals who fall into that sort of miserable circumstances.

So you should simply that You ensure that Yo adhere to all the Guidance and rules that will be referenced below:We have diverse Strategy to share your Web association without a Wireless Association: We have the Bluetooth Tying and furthermore the USB Tying Technique. So in this article I will clarify how we can utilize this two distinctive Technique to Share Web Association from Your Cell Phone without the utilization of Wifi.

How to Share Phone Internet to PC Without WIFI

Firstly Lets talk about how to share Internet to PC using the Bluetooth Method

Hello guys as You can see above in the title that says “HOW TO SHARE INTERNET TO PC USING BLUETOOTH”. In this Article i will Explain to you, how you can be able to Share Your Internet Connection
using Bluetooth. Probably Your Hotspot Connection is not working how you want it, Or your PC does not have a WI-FI Connection and you want to browse Wireless without a USB Modem or any of its Kind,
then this Article is meant for You. All You have to do is that You Should Make sure that all Instructions that are given below, are all followed by You.

1. Turn ON the Bluetooth of Both Devices (Your Phone and Your PC)
2. Turn ON discovery For Both Devices.
3. Scan for New Bluetooth Devices in Your Mobile phone
4. Connect and Pair the two Devices Together.

In Your PC:
11. Head to the Control Panel of Your PC under the Start Menu.
12. Navigate to the Hardware and Sound Menu
13. Under Devices and Printers: Click the Add….. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Now Secondly Lets talk about how to share Internet Connection using the USB tethering Method

Share Internet to PC using USB Tethering Method (Desktop or Laptop)

Hello guys as we all know most in the title above it is clearly stated that, How to share Internet to PC using the using the USB tethering method. Probably your PC doesn’t have any form of wireless connection like:
Bluetooth or WLAN (WIFI) Connection and you urgently need to access the Internet but don’t know how to get about it: In this Article i will explain how to surf the Internet on your PC with your Phone without any means of wireless connection
but with just the use of the USB Tethering Method.
1. A very Good and working USB Cable
2. A very good and stable Internet Connection (on your Mobile Phone)
3. Follow the Steps below
4. Share this Post to your Friends.

If You have the above requirements, then you are good to go

Follow the Below Steps without skipping any steps for it to work 100%
1. Unlock your Mobile Phone (Unlock the Pass-code)
2. Turn On the Data Connection of Your Mobile Phone
3. Connect the Good and working USB Cable from Your Mobile Phone to your PC. (After Connecting the USB Cable to your Mobile Phone and PC a Screen will Pop-Up: telling you to select any of the USB connection)
4. Check the USB Tethering Box and ….. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

By Following the above Steps you will be able to Share Your Internet Connection of your Mobile Phone to your PC without the use WI-Fi and Hotspot Connection.

Thanks for following this Post I will Appreciate it if You can Drop your Comment for Further and Instant Assistance where you need Help.

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