How to Host Freenom Domain on Namecheap Hosting

Hello readers In today’s article I will like to teach you how to transfer your free domain of .tk, .ml etc and the like from freenom to YOUR NAMECHEAP HOSTING. Probably you might have bought hosting from namecheap and you might have been wondering is it ever possible for me to transfer my free domain from freenom? Here are the solutions provided:(kindly read this article without skipping a word, paragraph or any steps listed below.)


Steps needed to transfer your domain from freenom to namecheap WP hosting

Step 1: What you have to do here is to first of all sign in to your freenom account and then tap the management tools drop down icon and click the name servers button.

Step 2: After the steps in step 1 you will see a page open like this, what you have to do first is for you to tick the second button first which says “use custom nameservers” as seen in the image below; after tapping or ticking the second button you will see a space for you to input or include the nameserver of the hosting service you want to use; what you should do is to first of all include this  words in the nameserver 1 space and nameserver 2 space provided for it as seen below in the image


Nameserver 1

Nameserver 2

Then after inputting the nameserver for both spaces all you have to do is for you to click or tap  “change Nameservers” button after saving this settings you will see a successful message of your saved settings

Steps 3:

After successfully following the steps in STEPS 1&2 you have to login in to your namecheap account. After logging into your namecheap account all you have to do is for you to locate the “general live support chat “ which will direct you to a live online customer agent

Step 4:

Now you will be directed to fill a page which will be directed to the online customer service which must be filled like this

The field highlited are very important to fill

The highlighted field in red includes you to specify what exactly you want to attended to,.

Secondly the second field highlighted includes you to input your I.E the name you used when registering your namecheap account, The Email address you used when registering for your namecheap account which is also very important for you to fill inorder for your request to be answered quickly, and the most important your message which is one of the most important thing of what we have been since, you first of all input the name used for namecheap account and also it is very important that you input you namecheap account and then you finally on the red highlighted field is to follow the message format in the image above

The field highlighted in orange is for you to verify that you are not a robot and also for you to agree to the terms and condition by ticking the small button provided for you to agree to the terms and condition of the site

Then lastly you tick on the green highlighted button which indicates SEND             and you will be successfully transferred to an online customer service for him/her to complete the work which will take abount 30secods for you to be transferred

Why can’t I transfer free .tk etc all just bu myself?


The reason why you wont be able to perform the task of transferring the .tk domain all by self is that it its against their policy for you to transfer it your self so the customer care is the very best option for now



Now in this lesson we have been able to successfully shared our namecheap hostomg with our freenom domain of .tk now that you have gained a lot a knowledge from this article written pls kinly share this post and pls comment on IT,

Thank you

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