As We all know guys that PayPal placed a Limitaions on Nigeria PayPal account making it very hard for Nigerians to get a working PayPal account, that also means that they have successed by chasing we Nigerians away not only nigerians alone, but also other Western Africian Countries. But in this Article i Will give all the easy Easy Steps on how to withdraw your PayPal funds to your local bank account without passing through any third Party.

You can now Withdraw Your PayPal funds to your Nigerian Bank account without any third party like Payoneer and the Likes. So all you have to do is to sit down and follow all the steps that will be Listed below for a Successfully way to withdraw your funds hassle free.




PayPal have only two different types of Withdrawal Method for Cash (ways to withdraw your PayPal funds for Cash) Namely: Bank Account Method and also the Credit Card Method(popularly known as ATM Card).
The First Method is Called Bank Account Method: Many of Us have tried Linking our Local Bank Account to the Lesotho or Iceland PayPal account but it prooved Negative because the Bank Account Country dosent tally with the PayPal account Country.

While the other Method is Called Credit Card Method: As the Name Implies ‘CREDIT CARD’ this is where Many of Us makes mistake. We try Linking our Debit Card to our PayPal account which works to make only our PayPal account kind of Verified but doesnt qualifies to be able to Withdraw Funds, but to only use it as an Alternative to Pay for Goods and Services, Its Bad isnt it? Dont Panic the Tricks are Found below.

As we generally know there is always a solution for every problem: Thats what the “UNITED BANK OF AFRICA (UBA)” has done they have bridged the gap between Online Banking vendors and your Local Bank account, Making it very easy for us to withdraw our Funds from PayPal to our Bank accout using the UBA Africard

Click here to get More Details about how the UBA Africard Works

The UBA Africard is the only Option now for us to use to be able to withdraw our PayPal funds to our Nigerian Bank account without the use of any third party

How to withdraw from PayPal to Nigerian Bank Account

After Getting the UBA Africard, Follow the Steps below to be able to withdraw your PayPal funds to your Bank account without the Use of Third Party

1. Link the UBA Africard to your PayPal account
2. Make sure that you have a Minimum of $2 for PayPal to be able to confirm that the Card You actually want to link belongs to You
3. Confirm your Card by clicking the Confirm card after Linking the card
NOTE: A small about of about $2 or below will be debited from your UBA Africard Balance in which a 4 digit code is attached to it in the Debit alert
4. Enter your 4 digit Code to Confirm your card. After entering the code, click the submit button and by so doing you have been able to successfully link your UBA Africard to your PayPal account.
Note: The Money that will be debited by PayPal from Your Africard will be refunded withing 72 Hours.


How to Withdraw from your PayPal account to your Africard

Click the withdraw and follow the Procedures on your screen

  • Pls Note that for the first Withdrawal it might take 72 hours for the Money to reflect in Your Africard Balance. After which during your next Transaction, it is Immediately that your Funds will be sent to your Africard Wallet
  • Pls i Want You to also note that for Every debit Transaction from your PayPal Account, there is a $5 transaction fee.
  • And also note that the Minimum You can Withdraw from PayPal is $5

Now i Hope i have been able to help You by Uploading this Post. What You should is that You should make sure this Post hit every Online Earners so as to ease them of Online Scam or Loss thanks.

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  1. Very informative post AY!

    Thanks so much. Pls I have an issue not related here.

    If I have a Lesotho PayPal account as a Nigerian & I’m asked to confirm my identity after reaching a transaction milestone, how do I go about it?


    • They will only request for document if he’s account gets limited.. And it depends on what they request for.. If its ID.. Nigerian I’D always works, bank statements works too… U can be in lesotho but u are a Nigerian citizen bro.

      You can contact me on WhatsApp via this Link

  2. Alright. Thanks.

    Couldn’t message you.

    I was concerned at first that if they request for proof of address and I didn’t have that.

    I’m also told they request for a ton of other stuffs too just to make sure you’re not into money laundering.

  3. Pls I made a mistake in obtaining my Africard today before I met this lovely eye-opening post.The lady in the customer care asked me the if the Africard I want to do is International high or international low.I said,”International Low”.B
    However,I have not activated this card for use through the ATM.Is there anyway this can be resolved?


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