Prayer Points for December 2019

Prayers for December 2019

Happy New Month of December Everyone,

Entering the new month of December with prayer is actually the best thing to do because it is not by our power nor is it by our might that we are alive today but it is by the grace of God.

Prayers for December 2019

And also as we enter this new month of December, One of the Secrets to succeed this new month is to pray and believe on God’s Promises and also that he’ll answer your prayers.

Some prayers for you to pray as we start this new month of December are listed below.

Prayer Points for December 2019

  • Who am I that You’re mindful of me, Lord? I have never been so happy like I am, this month. I’m speaking into December, using November as a point of contact. I pray that you answer all my secret prayers in Jesus name. I know that December being the Last Month of the Year  will be a very good one.
  • Thank you Jesus, for every single thing you did, to save me from accidents, last month. I pray you watch over me, even more, this month. Amen.
  • Thank you Lord, for not allowing me to be a vessel in the hands of the devil. I’m grateful for how far I have come under Your grace. Lord, I want to enjoy more grace in December. Amen.
  • I have always know God’s not dead. God, I thank You for proving to me that You love forever. Thank you for keeping me, family and friends in Your presence. We pray for more in this new month of December, in Jesus name.
  • Father Lord, I thank You for putting my enemies to shame, over my life. Lord, I ask for increase in power and strength in this December. I know it is done.
  • Lord, I thank You for You are God. Thank you for everything You’ve made available to me. Lord, I want you to hold my right hand and show me the way in life this December. Amen.
  • Oh Lord, that makes the judges of the earth useless, I pray that You reduce my enemies to nothing. They shall have no say in my life. Amen.
  • Give ears to my prayers, and attend to my cry, Oh Lord! Vindicate me and save me from the hands of the enemies. This month of December and beyond, let my life be a reflection of Yours. Amen.
  • Lord, clean me from secret faults. I do not want my secret to stand against me on the judgement day. Make ways for me in this new, month of December and let me testify to Your goodness. Amen.
  • Everlasting Father, because I trust in You, I pray that You rescue and deliver me from the chaos of life, in the next month. Amen.
  • Because I trust in You, Lord, and do good, I pray that You grant me the desires of my heart, this new month of December. In Jesus Name Amen.
  • Lord, I commit my ways and everything that has to do with me, unto You. I pray that You make me the head and never the tail, in this Month of December. Amen.
  • FatherLord, turn to me and have mercy on me. I need Your strength like never before. Make divine strength available to me, as I have come to the end of November. Amen.
  • This month of December and beyond, no evil shall befall me. No plague shall come near my dwelling. I shall be victorious in my dealings. Amen.,
  • Lord I want to pay attention to Your wisdom. I want to give my ear to Your understanding. I want to be the head and never the tail. I pray in Jesus name, Amen.
  • This month of December and beyond, I shall not bury any of my family. None of them shall bury me. We shall live to see many more months in Jesus name. Amen.
  • Lord, hear my plea. Answer my prayers. Send me help from above, so I will no longer be a reproach, in Jesus name. Amen. Credits- Sweetlovemessages

God is Faithful and Just, he will never abadon nor forsake us this new month of December 2019 in Jesus Name. Amen. Just keep on believing on his Word and his Promises over your Life will surely come to Pass.

Happy New Month Once Again.

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