Top 5 Best Small Business Ideas for Women in 2020

Top 5 Best Small Business Ideas for Women in 2020

As Females whether you are still a young lady or a woman, it is needful for you to have a small business that you can use to assist your home or assist your self without depending on your husband or your boyfriend. When you are dependable on your Own most especially Finacially, it brings respect to you.

So as a female be it a lady or a woman, and you are still depending on someone before you eat or make your hair, i just want to tell you that today you must stop that habit and start making your own money without depending on anyone.
In this Article, i will list and explain to you the Top 5 Best Small Business Ideas for Women to Start Making Huge Amount of Money.


In Today’s World, White Collar Jobs are now scarce to get than before. Whereby in the Olden days almost everyone left entrepreneuship for White Collar Jobs. As Technology advances in this our present World, The rate of Unemployment Worldwide keeps increasing because almost all the Jobs that humans can do, Technology have made everything easy, whereby you donot need much accountants again in any organization because we now have Accounting Software for both Small and Large Business like Zoho, Zendesk, Hubspot etc. Top 5 Best Small Business Ideas for Women in 2020

Not only that, Robotics and Machines have now taken the Positons of Manual Labours as Machines can now cut Logs of Woods, Cut in into Pieces and Package it into Trucks for Final Production. Also Robots are now serving as Post Man for DHL in advanced Countries.

Automatically this means in the next 5-10 years the rate of Unemployement will increase drastically and only the smart people who enguage in Entrepreneur will rule the World. Without beating aroung the Bush let us get down to main reason why we are here.

Top 5 Best Small Business Ideas for Women in 2020

As a Lady that is ready to be finiacially dependent, you to have one of the following business skills which are:

  • Tailoring.

Tailoring Business is the #1 best Business for women in 2020 who wants to be an entrepreneur right now, because of the population of people right now in the World in which everyone wants to wear cloth. Tailoring is one of the skills virtually almost everyone is avoiding because of the impression people gives towards it.
Tailoring Business can fetch you huge amount of profits depending on your Skills and your Professionalism. You don’t even need a physical location or a startup up fund before you can start Tailoring Business as you can start this business at the comfort of your home with just peanuts requirements which are Tailoring Skills and a Sewign Machine.

For you to start a tailoring business you need to firstly have the required skills and als you have to have the required tools like the sewing machine, cloth materials etc.  Once you have the requirements for Tailoring Business, you can get customers both offline and online. You can get customers offline by sowing a professional cloth as sample and advertising it to people who loves fashion and by so doing you will build your brand offline and also you can get customers as a Tailor Online by taking of Snapshot of your Previous Work and advertising it on Social Media or Running Paid Advertisement on Google, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Forums or Running Promotion on People Social Media Account with Huge amount of Followers.

  • Cooking or Catering.

Cooking is a Skill everyone must have most especially Females because everyone in this World depends on Food and without Food no one on this Earth can Survive. Now have ever imagined the amount of money Resturants and Fast Food Centers are making per day from the amout of people who comes to purchase food or small chops? Well they are really making a lot of money because we have a lot of people in our environement and not everyone has the intrest in cooking.

So as a Female starting a Food Business is really a good idea and not a bad idea because, food is what we depend on daily and without food you and i can never be alive. But Unlike Tailoring Business which doesnt need much requirements, Cooking has 3 key requirements in which if not well placed, it can lead to the downfall of your business and the requirements are as follows:

Requirements for Cooking Business

1. A Serene and Cool Environment
2. Professional Cooking Skill
3. Utensils
If this 3 key requirements are put in place, your business will in no time start fetching you alot of money without much labour. And also you will be employer of Labour. You can as well get more customers to your food business by running advertisment both Offline and Online and also placing customers as your piority and not profits.

  • Hair Dressing.

Hair dressers are in high demand right now and that means it is a good opportunity for you to also start your own business. As a Hair Dresser you dont need a physical location also as you can render home services or you start your business at the comfort of your home.
For you to start a hair dressing firm, you must be a professional in Hair Dressing because no one will want a novice to make hair for them that doesn’t looks good or cute. If are a professional in making hair, you dont even need to run adverts offline because customers would be to one to broadcast your service because of the service you have provided to them. Running Adverts Online is also a good idea because it brings more customers to you.

  • Cosmetics and Makeup.

Everyone loves attending Events like Birthday Parties, Wedding Parties, Naming Ceremonies and lots more in a very beautiful manner but not everyone knows how to dress or make up for themselve which makes cosmetics and make-up business a good idea.

Cosmetics and Makeup is a trending small business for women and it pays very well and also you dont even need to stress yourself looking for customers because make up and cosmetics business is a very small business for you to start with less startup funds. . As a make up artist, you can get customers by attending any events where a lot of people are gathered and annoucing your services to them; by meeting the host of the event to help you in advertising your service. Also you can run adverts online and watch customers flood your services.

  • Beign a Tutor.

Did you know that by just tutoring people on anything you know you could earn a huge amount of money? Yes you heard that right, by just tutoring people both online or offline you can earn a huge amount of money by just tutoring people. Everyone wants to learn new thing everyday and every one wants to advance their knowledge daily making people look for people who can teach them on anything they want to know.

Do have any Offline or Online Skills, you can monetize your skills or teach people for free and still make money for free. You can teach people anything you know offline by looking for a convinenet space and gathering people by running adverts to come and pay and learn what you have to offer them or being a tutor online and get people pay for your course through Online sites like Udemy, Coursera etc.
You can also open a Youtube Account and teach people anything you know and get paid by GOOGLE for the amount of people that view your tutorial.


Do not depend on any one finiacially. Discover your potentials and work on it. You have learned a great thing today, why not share this post using the share button above to your friends so they can also benefit from it. Feel Free to leave a comment and expect fast reply.
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