Hello guys in this Article I will Explain to You the meaning, Advantages, Requirements and also how to get the UBA Africard

How does it Works:


UBA made it very easy for us to withdraw our PayPal funds by Unleashing their rare but the most Powerful Card in Nigeria named the “AFRICARD”. Scroll down for more detailed Information about
this UBA Africard and why it worth it and how we can use it for our PayPal account also together with the Advantages

Now What is a UBA Africard?

A UBA Africard is a Prepaid Card that is not Connected to any Bank Account, but it comes with it owns bank account.

What do I mean by what is said above:
The UBA Africard is a Card that comes with its own bank account and doesn’t require you to be banking with UBA before you can Access the cards.

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Advantages of the UBA Africard

  1. You don’t need a UBA bank account before you can get this UBA Africard Card: Like I Said before you don’t need a UBA Bank Account before You can get access to collect the UBA Africard.
  2. It comes with its own Virtual or E-wallet Original Bank Account: The Africard has been so wonderfully made that you it comes with its own Integrated Bank Account that can be used to receive funds from all other banks. They are the first Bank in Nigeria to bring up this Idea./
  3. Verified by VISA: This UBA Africard has already been fully and securely verified by VISA which makes all your transaction Safe, Private and Secured
  4. This Card can be used Internationally: This is the good news we all have been looking for, How we can easily use a card for International Deals without Stress or using an Online Virtual Card. The UBA Africard made it very Easy for us to use this physical card both Online and Physically at any ATM machine or P.O.S Internationally but Rates and Charges Online.
  5. This Card can be use at any Local ATM or P.O.S: Yes guys this UBA Africard can be used freely at any ATM machine and also any P.O.S both Nationwide and WorldWide
  6. There is the Naira and the Dollar UBA Africard: The two of them are alike for those who wants to spend only their currency in Naira can purchase the Naira Card while for those who wants to have only their card can request for the Dollar Card. There is no difference between the two Card because both of them works the same way.
  7. International Payments: For most of us that deal with Online business, this Card is a very good alternative for your virtual online Credit Card because this Card will grant You the Access to be able purchase goods and services Online without any Hindrance
  8. This Card can be used to Withdraw Funds from PayPal, Skrill etc: Yes this Credit Card has the feature to be able to withdraw Funds from any Online Payment Gateway like PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill and the rest of them
  9. Instant Issuance of the Card: Yes everyone this Card is Issued to You Instantly if You want it to be Issued to you Instanly by ticking the Instant Box while filling the form
  10. 10. IT IS FREE: Yes Everyone for now UBA is giving this Africard to Everyone free of Charge for now which was normally at the rate of 2000 Naira, But for Now it is for Free. All you need to do is to activate the Card with just any amount of Money You have with You there or You can do it later by funding the Card via the E-Bank account that comes with Card.

There are also many other many features of the Card which i can’t be able to tell All but the few that have been stated above are the primary and Most Important role of this UBA Africard Card.

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How do i get the UBA Africard

For You to be able to get the UBA Africard, What You have to do is that you have to Walk up to any UBA Bank Branch Nationwide, Them walk up to the Customer Service Desk and request for the Africard Form. All You have to do is to fill the form with the right details and you get the Card Instantly

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What are the Requirements to get this Card:

Hello Everyone, Listed Below are the Simple Requirements You need just to get this UBA Africard free. If You have the Requirements below, then You are good to go.

  1. Any Valid Means of Identification (Either National I’d Card, Voters Card, International Passport or your National Passport)
  2. Any Recent Utility Bill (Power Supply Bill like PHCN or Nepa, PSP etc.)
  3. Passport (1)

If You have the above requirements then this Card is Meant for You.

How to fill the Form for the Africard.

Guys, when filling the form i don’t want you to make any kind of silly Mistake because for you to be able to explore more of this Card there are certain ways that You have to fill the Form for the UBA Africard

  1. Make sure you tell the Person that is in charge of distribution the Africard that it should be International High
  2. Make sure You collect the Naira Card and not the Dollar Card
  3. Make sure you tick Instant for Instant Issuance of the Card

IF you have successfully followed the above steps then You are good to Go

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